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We explore life improving, productivity enhancing, and leadership enabling concepts
guided by the model of horses in nature. Turning it up by tuning in.



 Understanding prey versus predator and herd mentalities, assisted by equine observation and ground exercises.

Personal and Professional Expansion

Creativity Problem Solving

Goal Setting


 Proven techniques for enhanced creativity,  

 problem solving and effective goal formation.



 Understanding non-verbal communication  through the aid of equine observation and  understanding. 


I n s p i r a t i o n

Sometimes all it takes to change your perspective is a change in your vantage point. - Ranch Day 









Inspiration Point at Will Rogers State Historic Park.

Ranch Day
Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership Development

Equine Facilitated Learning
in Los Angeles, California

Team Building


Custom designed experiences for groups, focusing on goal setting/achievement, communication and teamwork.. 

Bring your Team

A Ranch Day excursion is a unique and memorable adventure with proven results increasing emotional intelligence and social awareness.

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