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Ranch Day Facilitators, Luke and Sunset


Two of our co-facilitators

Ranch Day offers off-site equine facilitated learning opportunities at various venues around the world.

Ranch Day, Leadership Program

Interacting with Horses

The primary goal of Ranch Day's team building and leadership workshops is to provide a unique experiential learning opportunity for your corporate groups' off-site activities. 

It's not about the horses, it's about the people. Horses just happen to be excellent models and teachers of the behaviors and skills we aim to instill in our groups and leaders; Engagement, Communication, Problem Solving, Trust., Etc. 

When horses become part of the learning activity dynamic we call it Equine Facilitated Learning or Equine Assisted Activities (EFL or EAA). There are numerous equine therapy models that you have probably heard of too. The researched benefits can be found under Why Horses. In simple terms though, for your off-site with Ranch Day, Nature is the backdrop and Horses are the props. Both are proven to accelerate and "facilitate learning" in their own way.

Of course horses are not just props, but giant, living, breathing, highly sensitive, creatures. They are keenly aware and highly tuned-in. Participants have to be too when working in the arena with them.

Are you facilitating your off-site program?

Do you have a specific agenda for the day,

or curriculum you're working on internally?

You're the leader. Your Ranch Day experience can be any combination of fun and work that you like. You may have key points you're trying to drive home with maximum impact for lasting change. Your group might deserve an exciting and fun afternoon of entertainment out of the office. 

We're here to co-facilitate. Call to discuss your specific objectives. Ahead of time we will help tie your key points into the exercises. During your off-site we will co-facilitate lessons with you and provide a very experienced equestrian handler to make your day successful, impactful and memorable.

Looking for off site training ideas?

Ranch Day offers Team Building & Leadership Development activities with horses.

In addition to Ranch Day Retreat our full-day workshop, we offer 2-hour, and half-day Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership Development Workshops, for Team Building activities. Bring your curriculum and we will tie it in or see pre-designed workshop topics under Workshops. 

Team Building

Our most popular workshop. Horses are heard animals (living in groups) they are natural at Leader-Follower activities and

your group has a lot to learn from them. Co-facilitate with your group, or explore other workshop themes below.


The Energy of Horses and Nature


Goal Setting

The Clear Path to Personal Satisfaction



Creating Mental Achievement Patterns


Non Verbal Communication

Transmitting Clear Thoughts and Emotions



The Followers' Needs and Natural Herd Dynamics


Work Ethic

Cooperative Leadership and Effective Goals


Mind Mapping

Our Brain's Naturally Associative Mechanism

From Left to Right, Categories are:

Overall E.Q.

Personal Competence

Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Competence

Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Lasting increases in Relationship Management to Self Management, and Social Competence are scientifically proven to increase which is one of the reasons for the popularity of equine assisted learning models. Plus it's  fun! 

See Why Horses? To see full study.

Ranch Day 

Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership Development

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