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Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership Development

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Schedule a Private Group Ranch Day for your department or group.

Topics include Mindfulness, Goal Setting, Visualization, Non-Verbal Communication, Leadership, and Work Ethic


Working with horses provides a unique and exceptional opportunity for:

Team Building, Leadership Development, and Personal Effectiveness. Ranch Day offers off-site corporate training and team building in a unique environment. Equine Assisted Learning Activities are engaging and effective, impacting transformation for both teams and individuals.


Author of A Ranch Day Retreat, Chuck Wolf is your professional facilitator. 

Working with an equine handler, your group will participate in transformative ground exercises with horses, learning the lessons of leadership and self awareness that no other teachers can match. 


A Ranch Day can be as little as two hours to a half day (4 hours) or a full day (seven hours). 


Schedule early if you would like to plan a full weekend retreat with two full (eight hour) days immersed in nature, and horses with contemplative time and numerous lessons covering the eight modules of the book, A Ranch Day Retreat.


To explore individual topics for our workshops, see click here


Whatever Curriculum you are working on, we can custom tailor Equine Facilitated Learning exercises to reinforce the topics and concepts.


A Ranch Day experience imparts information and skills in a unique and novel setting.

The take-aways always include: Self Awareness and Social Awareness, impacting individuals and groups in a positive, cooperative manner.


The experience can range from fun and educational to all-together life changing.


Ranch Day is for the non-rider, using horses for a model of leadership and communication.


When your event is scheduled for Westside Riding School, at Will Rogers State Historic Park, you have the option of hosting a picnic barbeque lunch at the grills in the park, and an optional group trail ride, to complete your day.




Corporate Registration: Contact A Ranch Day

to discuss your options, and we'll see you on the ranch!


email or call 310-890-5428

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"If you've never considered working with the model of horses and wonder what all the fuss is about, Today's leaders and progressive organizations are discovering the immediate transformative nature of equine facilitated learning."  


Visit our White Paper, Why Horses? to learn more.


Video:  Equine Guided Leadership Education Research from The University of Kentucky



















For the latest research on the impacts of Equine Facilitated Learning,  

Visit our White Paper: Why Horses? or Link to The U.K. Study

Why Take Your Team Outside?


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Note: One of our most poular 2-hour workshops is Leadership:The Followers' Needs and Natural Herd Dynamics


It includes exercises just like you will see in this video.

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