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Ranch Day Corporate Team Building and Leadership

Ranch Day©

Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership Development

Corporate Programs



Looking for corporate training ideas or unique team building exercises? Equine Assisted Personal and Leadership development is fun but also highly effective for organizational learning and development.


Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), working with horses provides a unique and exceptional opportunity for:

Team Building, Leadership Development, Personal Awareness, and Personal Effectiveness.


The benefits of Increased Emotional Intelligence is the first thing that most Equine Assisted Learning models will agree on, and horses are today's best instructors.


Our workshops include soft skills as well as specific take-aways including lessons in:


Goal Setting, Mindfulness, Visualization, Non-Verbal Communication, Leadership, and Work Ethic.

All are as important to us in our personal lives as they are to organizational learning and development.


Together we will plan an appropriate agenda for your group, based on your unique needs.


Schedule a Private Group Ranch Day for your department or group.


To schedule a private Ranch Day for your group or custom-tailor elements, 

please contact us to discuss details.



Ranch Day is a full-day workshop. For shorter two-hour programs check out Short Days



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Otherwise, our Scheduled Ranch Days are unique and empowering programs, open to the public.


A thoughtful and transformative experience for:

Employee Incentives, Rewards, Recognition, Sales Awards, and Customer Appreciation.

Incorporate Ranch Day© into your Incentive/rewards program.


If a Ranch Day sounds like the perfect remedy for someone you know, by all means, just sign up and send them to the Ranch for the day. See Registration for Scheduled Dates.




"How important is a constant intercourse with nature 

and the contemplation of natural phenomena 

to the preservation of moral and intellectual health!"


                                                       ~Henry David Thoreau (Need proof?)



Ranch Day© Take-Aways 





Leadership strengthening skills are achieved by understanding prey versus predator and herd mentalities, assisted by equine observation.


Work Ethics

Work ethic and individual contribution will be examined as it relates to nature. 



Communication skills focusing on understanding non-verbal communication through the aid of equine observation and understanding. 



Problem Solving

Goal Setting

Proven techniques for enhanced creativity and problem solving.


Refresh, Renew. Learn the Skills that Create Direction, Energy, Persistance and Action.

                                                       . . .


A specifically set aside day like Ranch Day Retreat is the Seventh Habit: "Sharpen the Saw"



This very special day is designed for self-renewal in the four areas of your life:

physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. The course will aid the student in setting and clarifying goals in all four areas as well as work/career.                                       (not affiliated with Stephen Covey)





Rewarding Your Employees:

15 Examples of Successful Incentives in The Corporate World


Robinson Resource Group recently took a look at what companies ranked in Fortune’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For List are doing to retain their employees.


Learn what managers at Google, Net App, Go Daddy, Mayo Clinic, and Intel are doing.  LINK



Get Started Today!



Call or email for a custom quote or to discuss your department's special challenges and goals.



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Meet Ranch Day Facilitator, Author of A Ranch Day Retreat: Chuck Wolf


A Ranch Day Retreat by Chuck Wolf
A Ranch Day Retreat by Chuck Wolf
A Ranch Day Retreat by Chuck Wolf
A Ranch Day Retreat, Author Chuck Wolf
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