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Our Mission

To align with our vision by ways of spiritual practice, purification, healthy lifestyle, enlightening education programs, clear empathic communication and many other healing modalities as a way to align soul, mind and heart, reconnecting with our purpose, fulfilling our unique mission and develop a deep joyous connection with life.


Retreat Network

We have nothing if we are not connected to our centers. However busy and exciting our lives become, if we do not take care of our bodies, minds, and spirits, none of it really matters. We all need time to renew, restore, and recharge ourselves, and remember why we work so hard and what we are here on the planet to become. The perfect way to rediscover our wellbeing and purpose is by going on a retreat.

At Retreat Network it is our mission to provide inspirational, transformative, and healing retreats in beautiful locations all over the world. We gather the best presenters and instructors to offer top-notch multi-discipline experiences. We are delighted to offer a wide range of retreats to renew your body, mind, and spirit, in realms such as yoga, meditation, outdoor adventures, detoxification, weight loss, yoga teaching, spiritual work, plant medicine ceremonies, and personal transformation.


Retreat Place

Our goal is to make life-changing vacations, such as yoga and wellness inspired retreats, available to everyone!


Light Stays Retreats

Light Stays Retreats and Living® is an international retreat and wellbeing directory guide for your mind, body, soul.

We’re a bridge to your world of the best retreats, teachers, presenters and communicators from around the globe. 

Discover new adventures, the perfect place to learn or chill out and relax. It’s about your time... 

Have an amazing retreat, program or workshop? Find out how easy it is to join us. We'd love to share you with the world. Read our feedback on why people love finding and promoting their retreats, events and classes with us >>



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