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4 stars.

Reviewed By Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite

A Ranch Day Retreat by Chuck Wolf presents life improving, productivity enhancing, and leadership enabling concepts guided by the model of horses in nature. The book begins with meditation and its benefits, and delves into goal setting. The relevance of horses is then considered, in the proposed role as an aid to human self-development and therapy. This is found to be feasible as horses are highly sensitive. Moreover, the oft repeated postulation that horses think in pictures could also be of great help. The interactions between a leader and his team vis-a-vis that of a human with a horse are then analyzed. The results show that viability exists in the formation of an equine basis to assess the performance of a team.

I found A Ranch Day Retreat by Chuck Wolf explored equine assisted techniques and more in the areas of productivity and management. The materials here stand alone and although developed to supplement an actual retreat day with horses, the narration succeeds in making the readers grasp the topic well, as they gain a thorough understanding of just what the model of horses has to teach us about ourselves. The introductory discourse on a few of the related concepts is greatly beneficial to the reader in priming himself.



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