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Ranch Day, The Dear at Will Rogers

"Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have--you..."

                                              ~Stephen Covey

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Ranch Day Leadership and Team Building Workshops


Ranch Day can be between two hours to a full day...

Away from the desk, the office, the phone, email, texts, boss, the traffic,

the bills, the parking, the people, and the urban craziness.


That alone will make life better, but we’re going to add some trees, some grass, some dirt, and most importantly, some horses.


Join us as we explore Life Improving, Productivity Enhancing concepts,

and learn new Personal Development and Leadership Effectiveness tools. 


Peace, Quiet, and Living Nature are the backdrop for absorbing new information about yourself,

and the useful tools which will impact your social, family, and professional life.


Learn proven techniques for enhanced Creativity and Problem Solving: 

Through basic mindfulness, we will stop to evaluate and develop

effective goals with renewal and direction.


Creativity & Problem Solving Learning proven techniques for enhanced creativity and problem solving.


Goal Setting  Creating goals to energize and focus our direction. 


Communication Understanding non-verbal communication through the aid of equine observation and understanding.


Leadership Understanding prey versus predator and herd mentalities, assisted by equine observation and exercises.


Work Ethic Exploring what makes the difference to enhance individual and organizational / family efficiencies.









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