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Single Registration $249

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Once you register, you are on the admission list.

We will send an email with details and confirmation.

To register a group of three or more, please email

for pricing and availability. 

Refund less 10% processing fee with 48 hour notice

Please review FAQ sheet to prepare for the day.

Ranch Day for Teens

A RANCH DAY getaway








A Great Day on the Ranch for Teen Students  (13-17 yrs old)


Ranch Day Getaway is designed for the non-rider, promising a fun day of activities

On the Ranch, Outdoors, In Nature, With Horses


A small group of students join for a day out with plenty of fun activities involving each other and horses.

The day is structured with workshop styled activities and discussions which will explore topics of the book,

A Ranch Day Retreat relevant to students and teens, like:


Introduction to Mindfulness

Practicing quieting the mind for relaxation, creativity, problem solving and focus.

Goal Setting

Introduces the qualities of effective goals, and life balance

Mind Mapping

A unique concept in note taking and brain storming, a must-have advantage for college-bound students.


Tools used by today's leading minds and athletes for mental rehearsal for both Process and Outcome.


Realizing imagination is our strongest asset when it comes to solving problems and creating solutions.


Preparing Tomorrow’s leaders with the understanding of the follower’s needs: Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope

Work Ethic

What is it, why is it important, and how do we cultivate it?

(Maybe some exercises if anything is available to do on the ranch.)

Equine Assisted Activities

Always the most fun of the day! Up close and personal with horses, with fun activities for the non-rider.

A chance to learn just what horses have to teach us about ourselves.



The day promises a lot of fun and introductions to personalities like

Stephen Covey, Buck Brannaman, Monty Roberts, Temple Grandin, Linda Kohanov, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.



Each participant receives a Certificate of Completion



Just like Ranch Day for adults, the idea is to take time out, to gain Direction and to re-Energize so that we can go back into our lives and Persevere as Active players.  The tools we gain are valuable, but the idea is to have fun on the ranch in nature with horses. It’s a full-day structured workshop.


If it sound too fun for parents to pass up themselves,

                                     sign up for a regular ranch day, but Ranch Day Teen Retreat is for teens only.                                                                        


Note: From 4:00 onward is flex time, so if you want to schedule an optional trail ride, book in advance separately with the venue (Westside Riding School


Students can also take a spectacular hike, tour the Ranch House Museum, Q&A with horse instructors, course instructors, or rangers, work on course exercises, or take off / be picked up, anytime between 4:00 and 5:00. (Adult supervision/availability can be expected until 6:00, be sure to pre-arrange.)        



                                                                                 Once you register, print a gift certificate to present to a deserving teen, even a friend.

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